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At Apical Security, we cover an extensive range of security services to fulfil your requirements. From close surveillance to tracking individuals, our experience and resources combine to provide one of the most detailed and professional services that you could come across in the security sector.

Our team specialise in varying aspects of security, such as advice and installation of surveillance equipment, all the way to close protection, information gathering and international monitoring. For a comprehensive list on our services, please read below to find what you are looking for and just incase you can't, please feel free to get in touch with our team for further information.

Crime Prevention (Business and Home) - Advice from our specialists, security surveys and installation of surveillance equipment.

Industrial Espionage - Theft by employees of information and material, fraudulent activity.

Surveillance - Domestic suspicions including honey trap, criminal damage suspects, criminal activity, known criminals, legal investigations.

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Covert Voice Recording - Keeping track of vehicles including their movements as well as voice recording.

Personal Tracing - Trace an individual or group (if the tracing is unsuccessful then your fee is returned in full).

Assisting the Legal Industry - Taking witness statements, enquiries and serving documents.

Assisting and Advising the Aircraft Industry - assisting Air Investigators and helping accused person/s under investigation.

Private Investigation - Monitoring, enquiries, evidence gathering, travel, documenting.

For any further information, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to respond to your enquiries.

please contact us for a free security consultation