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Common Sense Prevails

As anticipated in my blog of 11 January there has been little interest in the story about the killing by a Police marksman of a notorious armed gangster / murderer in Tottenham. We all feared a repeat of the famous Tottenham riots some years ago during which they murdered a young uniformed Bobby who was helping fireman and trying to save lives. They tried to cut his head off and hold it aloft, colleagues just about stopped that happening but couldn’t save his life.

Anyway, as predicted, attempts by friends of Duggan and other troublemakers fell flat. There was a huge Police presence in the background during the funeral and apparently Police are ‘working with the Duggan family’ to introduce head cameras to officers involved in such incidents in the future, and that’s it.

I think Police have performed remarkably well in the aftermath of this incident mainly by keeping a low profile and not arresting anyone even though many offences were committed immediately after the jury verdict that the Police marksman was not guilty.

They may try to overturn the verdict at a higher Court so various Lawyers are rubbing their hands including the famous Michael Mansfield who represented the Duggan family and has made millions from such cases. Actually he has proved to be a useful purpose to Police because we used to go over and over our evidence before major trials saying ‘what weakness would Mansfield find if he were defending?’ and that would bring our standards up. I thought he had retired but he must have had one last shot so he went out on a low.

On to the next big Police mistake. I remember being in charge of Detectives at one busy inner London Division where we had 20,000 reported crimes each year including 200 rapes and 20 murders, you would think that 97 staff would be enough but so many were syphoned off for various roles such as crime prevention, domestic violence, shift work, sickness, holidays etc. that I would look in at  night sometimes and there would only be two staff on duty. They were making instant decisions and moving on but when there was a mistake the ‘great brains’ would analyse what happened and criticize everyone including me who was at home at the time. I remember once being on holiday leaving a steady Detective Inspector in charge but I still got pulled over the coals on my return because I didn’t foresee something. The trouble was that there were more watchers than workers as in most professions nd these were the people that got promoted.

I’m in the middle of writing a book which will be a good read (once rewritten by my Brother in Law). I have to do a bit more, this Private Investigator lark is not testing enough, I need to work at least 80 hours a week.

Police: Murderers or Saviours?

Vigils are being held today in Tottenham London for Mark Duggan. His Mum and family describe him as a peaceful nice boy who was executed by Police. The Police Office that killed him was a family man with no history of violence. Duggan was a major gangster who boasts of murdering 19 people. He can be seen on line posing with other such murderers. He was trouble from the start, in school beating up other kids for no reason and progressed through life causing mayhem and murder.

On the day he was killed he was carrying a gun and going to kill someone in a revenge attack, this is not disputed by anyone. The armed Police were given the order to attack and detain him. His taxi was ‘hard stopped’ and the officer rushed forward to arrest him at gunpoint. The officer had been told Duggan was carrying a gun, was a feared murderer and the most dangerous gangster in London. As they confronted each other the Officer saw the gun pointed at him and killed Duggan.

This is absolutely straightforward. The only fly in the ointment was that Duggan’s gun was found a few yards from the car. Did he throw it away as the taxi was hit? or did he point it at the officer and someone else threw it to the side afterwards?  Worst case scenario, Duggan opened the taxi window and threw it without anyone seeing and then was shot.

The officer about a quarter of a second to make a decision. He said he saw the gun in Duggan’s hand and even if it wasn’t but he believed it was, then he is entitled to shoot him.

The Officer was tried and found not guilty by the Jury.

Apart from the fact that no reasonable person really cares about Duggan, my interest is in the Jury decision. I have been involved in some high profile cases where the defendant has been found not guilty when we know they are guilty (intelligence, informants, phone taps) but we just have to smile and walk away while the gangsters and family celebrate. Why then should not Duggan’s mob accept the Jury decision?

Let’s see what develops, I don’t think that lot will be able to stir up public support for the killing of  this thing because he is black, the reasonable people know that Police are out there risking their lives to protect them in this instance and they will not support such associates. My guess is that a few ignorant and troublesome people will demonstrate for a time, the media will blow it up a bit and it will soon pass over.

Finding out people’s secrets

After nearly 40 years as a crime investigator in various roles I have just completed an (expensive) course which assists me to find lots of information about people that they think is confidential.

All information I uncover is on the open internet and is legal. I will be using this knowledge for good purposes. For example, when you put messages and photographs on Facebook it goes to your friends and it is unethical and illegal to gather that information. The problem is when your friends share that information it could well go into the ‘open’ net.  ‘Good luck on your house move next Monday’ (That information is worth the expense of a surveillance team).

This is just a snippet, there are numerous free sites and some I have to pay for. There is so much out there, house purchase, home improvements, ancestry, LinkedIn, Twitter all such sites help build the picture.

Only those that have been up to no good need be concerned that investigators are being hired to trace them.

Who likes Lawyers?

Today I had great news about a bent Lawyer. I instructed a Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for someone and a lot of money handed over. The Lawyer did not do any useful work and never gave any updates, in my opinion she stole the money, not only that but she wasted a lot of time and caused a fair amount of anxiety and distress.

The good news was that at last after Months of trying, the Attorney General in F. Lauderdale has taken up the complaint. I have recently found out that the Lawyer has a similar previous complaint and was forced to give back the clients money.

I know a lot of corrupt Lawyers in London, most of them act that way so that their client will recommend them to their mates. Other such Lawyers are on a retainer for professional criminals and turn up at the Police Station within minutes of the arrest, you can guess why they are hired. I nearly got one once, an informant told me something was going to happen at Court when I appeared with the gang of armed robbers. I wore a tape recorder and sure enough the Barrister for the gang (who was earning about £200,000 a year legally) took me aside and offered me thousands of pounds to not object to bail. I was jubilant until I discovered the tape was faulty.

There are many such people but it is impossible to catch most because we are not allowed to listen in secretly to conversations between them and their clients in Police Stations and Prisons. In my opinion we should be allowed to record sample conversations and let an independent Judge listen to them talking, he could then authorise further action. I have been suggesting this for years but unfortunately Lawyers would have to give the lawful go ahead therefore it will never happen.

Be careful out there.

Sainsbury in charge of the Police

Recently a question was posed ‘Surely Senior Police Officers are managers much the same as managers in industry. They are in charge of budgets, staffing issues and suchlike and so are senior officers. They don’t have to know about life ‘on the ground’ just ensure their staff are available and well equipped’. Lets get some managers in from Sainsbury’s and make them Chief Superintendents.

A lot of people were going for this particularly civilian staff who fancied themselves as Police Officers. They made a big mistake at one stage trying to placate a senior member of the civil staff who wanted a badge to gain entry to Scotland Yard because they kept stopping him at the door. They gave him a Police Commanders badge. This news spread like wildfire. Civil Staff were equating themselves with different ranks “Well if he is a Commander that makes me a Chief Superintendent and Joe Bloggs in charge of supplies (who just left University) is a Chief Inspector”. People actually believed they were the same standing as Police officers. They looked down on the junior ranks. The only trouble was that they didn’t pay them as well as the Police who were more valued and highly trained. When the civil staff commented about their new rank we used to ask how much they earned and those who thought they were a Chief Inspector found they were earning the same as the lowest Constable. They also started to get rid of civil staff to save money because people wanted to see ‘bobbies on the beat’.

After this debacle the idea of introducing managers in the food industry as Senior Police Officers faded away but not before various people got free turkeys for Christmas (please don’t sue me it’s a joke, a joke, you know, those things you laugh at. Oh don’t bother).

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Are we at war in England?

Following the murder of Soldier Rigby and the recent conviction of the two men who tried to cut his head off in front of a crowd of shoppers in London, one of the men’s Brothers would not denounce the murderers and said ‘we are at war with you in England and they killed a soldier so this is fair’.

If we are at war in this Country then we must take drastic action to detain known terrorists and put them in concentration camps until the war is over. Isn’t that what happens in war? I’m sure that most normal Muslims will agree with that. So long as they are treated as well as normal prisoners and allowed all the rights and perhaps not even questioned then there should be no reaction. They are prisoners of war. The Security Services know these people, they should be trusted to protect us and, if they make the odd genuine mistake now and then, so be it, no harm done, no torture, visiting rights, warm, good food and all the rights of a normal prisoner (which are better than millions of elderly people in this Country). They could consider deporting them but wherever they are they would be dangerous to us so I believe they should be detained here.

This action should be taken with the assistance and agreement of senior Muslim leaders, it is not racist, a lot of British people are among those suspects white and non white.

Lets get on with it.

This would save lives. Support our Security Services.


A shop has opened in a Town close to me that is selling ‘legal highs’ and drug making paraphernalia. This is the 19th. branch opened by these people despite their so called legal highs recently killing a teenager.

Also for sale are skunk growing kits. This strong cannabis is very dangerous and is a banned drug. How can we allow them to continue? It’s almost a case for ‘legal direct action high’. Cannabis and skunk has caused so much misery and mental illness. For example they get such a laid back disposition that they don’t follow rules. How about car insurance ‘why should we conform?’ they ask, the answer is that they don’t observe road signs or obey speed limits and are driving under impairment, that’s why and that’s just one example, who is going to pay for the lifetime care of the child they injure?

These shops should be made to mark their drug equipment so that when Police raid somewhere and discover them growing cannabis or weighing drugs etc with this equipment, the director of the company can be arrested. They are aiding and abetting. These is exactly the same  as a getaway driver in a bank robbery, he is charged with armed robbery not just driving a car, he is in with the gang.


At this time of year car thefts rocket. Thieves need their Christmas money for holidays and their lovely little children’s pressys.

One of the thieves favourite tricks in this cold Country is to drive around between 7am and 9am on frosty days looking for cars with exhaust emissions. The owner will be warming it up with keys in ignition whilst getting the kids coats on or having their last coffee. The thieves car goes past, the passenger leaps out, their car drives on, a few quick scrapes across the windscreen and the car is nicked generally never to be seen again as this is not just a joyride or someone having trouble getting home, it will be ‘plated’, exported or broken up for parts.

Talking about joyriders, we used to concentrate on where cars were abandoned rather from where they were stolen. They were normally found near the joyriders house and with some local intelligence we could pinpoint him/her and have ‘ready eyes’ at the relevant times.

When driving watch out for ice patches often in areas shaded by tree or walls.

Angry, Upset, Frightened and Scared

A woman from Kent has written a letter to a prisoner who burgled her house telling him how his actions have ruined her life she used the words above. These scum never think about  this side of their crimes. Luckily I have never been burgled but have met many such victims, some even have to sell their houses because they can’t face going back inside. They do read out victims statements before sentencing such people but these are normally ignored because of the sentencing guidelines and emotive speeches by defence counsel. Should a thief who has not had much effect on the victim receive a heavier sentence than one who caused great upset? I definitely think the former should get a heavier sentence because this would have a deterrent effect. Lock them all up and somehow stop them having kids to follow in their footsteps.

Three strikes and out!