At this time of year car thefts rocket. Thieves need their Christmas money for holidays and their lovely little children’s pressys.

One of the thieves favourite tricks in this cold Country is to drive around between 7am and 9am on frosty days looking for cars with exhaust emissions. The owner will be warming it up with keys in ignition whilst getting the kids coats on or having their last coffee. The thieves car goes past, the passenger leaps out, their car drives on, a few quick scrapes across the windscreen and the car is nicked generally never to be seen again as this is not just a joyride or someone having trouble getting home, it will be ‘plated’, exported or broken up for parts.

Talking about joyriders, we used to concentrate on where cars were abandoned rather from where they were stolen. They were normally found near the joyriders house and with some local intelligence we could pinpoint him/her and have ‘ready eyes’ at the relevant times.

When driving watch out for ice patches often in areas shaded by tree or walls.