A shop has opened in a Town close to me that is selling ‘legal highs’ and drug making paraphernalia. This is the 19th. branch opened by these people despite their so called legal highs recently killing a teenager.

Also for sale are skunk growing kits. This strong cannabis is very dangerous and is a banned drug. How can we allow them to continue? It’s almost a case for ‘legal direct action high’. Cannabis and skunk has caused so much misery and mental illness. For example they get such a laid back disposition that they don’t follow rules. How about car insurance ‘why should we conform?’ they ask, the answer is that they don’t observe road signs or obey speed limits and are driving under impairment, that’s why and that’s just one example, who is going to pay for the lifetime care of the child they injure?

These shops should be made to mark their drug equipment so that when Police raid somewhere and discover them growing cannabis or weighing drugs etc with this equipment, the director of the company can be arrested. They are aiding and abetting. These is exactly the same  as a getaway driver in a bank robbery, he is charged with armed robbery not just driving a car, he is in with the gang.