Are we at war in England?

Following the murder of Soldier Rigby and the recent conviction of the two men who tried to cut his head off in front of a crowd of shoppers in London, one of the men’s Brothers would not denounce the murderers and said ‘we are at war with you in England and they killed a soldier so this is fair’.

If we are at war in this Country then we must take drastic action to detain known terrorists and put them in concentration camps until the war is over. Isn’t that what happens in war? I’m sure that most normal Muslims will agree with that. So long as they are treated as well as normal prisoners and allowed all the rights and perhaps not even questioned then there should be no reaction. They are prisoners of war. The Security Services know these people, they should be trusted to protect us and, if they make the odd genuine mistake now and then, so be it, no harm done, no torture, visiting rights, warm, good food and all the rights of a normal prisoner (which are better than millions of elderly people in this Country). They could consider deporting them but wherever they are they would be dangerous to us so I believe they should be detained here.

This action should be taken with the assistance and agreement of senior Muslim leaders, it is not racist, a lot of British people are among those suspects white and non white.

Lets get on with it.

This would save lives. Support our Security Services.