Police: Murderers or Saviours?

Vigils are being held today in Tottenham London for Mark Duggan. His Mum and family describe him as a peaceful nice boy who was executed by Police. The Police Office that killed him was a family man with no history of violence. Duggan was a major gangster who boasts of murdering 19 people. He can be seen on line posing with other such murderers. He was trouble from the start, in school beating up other kids for no reason and progressed through life causing mayhem and murder.

On the day he was killed he was carrying a gun and going to kill someone in a revenge attack, this is not disputed by anyone. The armed Police were given the order to attack and detain him. His taxi was ‘hard stopped’ and the officer rushed forward to arrest him at gunpoint. The officer had been told Duggan was carrying a gun, was a feared murderer and the most dangerous gangster in London. As they confronted each other the Officer saw the gun pointed at him and killed Duggan.

This is absolutely straightforward. The only fly in the ointment was that Duggan’s gun was found a few yards from the car. Did he throw it away as the taxi was hit? or did he point it at the officer and someone else threw it to the side afterwards?  Worst case scenario, Duggan opened the taxi window and threw it without anyone seeing and then was shot.

The officer about a quarter of a second to make a decision. He said he saw the gun in Duggan’s hand and even if it wasn’t but he believed it was, then he is entitled to shoot him.

The Officer was tried and found not guilty by the Jury.

Apart from the fact that no reasonable person really cares about Duggan, my interest is in the Jury decision. I have been involved in some high profile cases where the defendant has been found not guilty when we know they are guilty (intelligence, informants, phone taps) but we just have to smile and walk away while the gangsters and family celebrate. Why then should not Duggan’s mob accept the Jury decision?

Let’s see what develops, I don’t think that lot will be able to stir up public support for the killing of  this thing because he is black, the reasonable people know that Police are out there risking their lives to protect them in this instance and they will not support such associates. My guess is that a few ignorant and troublesome people will demonstrate for a time, the media will blow it up a bit and it will soon pass over.