Who likes Lawyers?

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Today I had great news about a bent Lawyer. I instructed a Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for someone and a lot of money handed over. The Lawyer did not do any useful work and never gave any updates, in my opinion she stole the money, not only that but she wasted a lot of time and caused a fair amount of anxiety and distress.

The good news was that at last after Months of trying, the Attorney General in F. Lauderdale has taken up the complaint. I have recently found out that the Lawyer has a similar previous complaint and was forced to give back the clients money.

I know a lot of corrupt Lawyers in London, most of them act that way so that their client will recommend them to their mates. Other such Lawyers are on a retainer for professional criminals and turn up at the Police Station within minutes of the arrest, you can guess why they are hired. I nearly got one once, an informant told me something was going to happen at Court when I appeared with the gang of armed robbers. I wore a tape recorder and sure enough the Barrister for the gang (who was earning about £200,000 a year legally) took me aside and offered me thousands of pounds to not object to bail. I was jubilant until I discovered the tape was faulty.

There are many such people but it is impossible to catch most because we are not allowed to listen in secretly to conversations between them and their clients in Police Stations and Prisons. In my opinion we should be allowed to record sample conversations and let an independent Judge listen to them talking, he could then authorise further action. I have been suggesting this for years but unfortunately Lawyers would have to give the lawful go ahead therefore it will never happen.

Be careful out there.

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