Sainsbury in charge of the Police

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Recently a question was posed ‘Surely Senior Police Officers are managers much the same as managers in industry. They are in charge of budgets, staffing issues and suchlike and so are senior officers. They don’t have to know about life ‘on the ground’ just ensure their staff are available and well equipped’. Lets get some managers in from Sainsbury’s and make them Chief Superintendents.

A lot of people were going for this particularly civilian staff who fancied themselves as Police Officers. They made a big mistake at one stage trying to placate a senior member of the civil staff who wanted a badge to gain entry to Scotland Yard because they kept stopping him at the door. They gave him a Police Commanders badge. This news spread like wildfire. Civil Staff were equating themselves with different ranks “Well if he is a Commander that makes me a Chief Superintendent and Joe Bloggs in charge of supplies (who just left University) is a Chief Inspector”. People actually believed they were the same standing as Police officers. They looked down on the junior ranks. The only trouble was that they didn’t pay them as well as the Police who were more valued and highly trained. When the civil staff commented about their new rank we used to ask how much they earned and those who thought they were a Chief Inspector found they were earning the same as the lowest Constable. They also started to get rid of civil staff to save money because people wanted to see ‘bobbies on the beat’.

After this debacle the idea of introducing managers in the food industry as Senior Police Officers faded away but not before various people got free turkeys for Christmas (please don’t sue me it’s a joke, a joke, you know, those things you laugh at. Oh don’t bother).

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