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Common Sense Prevails

As anticipated in my blog of 11 January there has been little interest in the story about the killing by a Police marksman of a notorious armed gangster / murderer in Tottenham. We all feared a repeat of the famous Tottenham riots some years ago during which they murdered a young uniformed Bobby who was helping fireman and trying to save lives. They tried to cut his head off and hold it aloft, colleagues just about stopped that happening but couldn’t save his life.

Police: Murderers or Saviours?

Vigils are being held today in Tottenham London for Mark Duggan. His Mum and family describe him as a peaceful nice boy who was executed by Police. The Police Office that killed him was a family man with no history of violence. Duggan was a major gangster who boasts of murdering 19 people. He can be seen on line posing with other such murderers. He was trouble from the start, in school beating up other kids for no reason and progressed through life causing mayhem and murder.

Sainsbury in charge of the Police

Recently a question was posed ‘Surely Senior Police Officers are managers much the same as managers in industry. They are in charge of budgets, staffing issues and suchlike and so are senior officers. They don’t have to know about life ‘on the ground’ just ensure their staff are available and well equipped’. Lets get some managers in from Sainsbury’s and make them Chief Superintendents.

Who likes Lawyers?

Today I had great news about a bent Lawyer. I instructed a Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for someone and a lot of money handed over. The Lawyer did not do any useful work and never gave any updates, in my opinion she stole the money, not only that but she wasted a lot of time and caused a fair amount of anxiety and distress.

The good news was that at last after Months of trying, the Attorney General in F. Lauderdale has taken up the complaint. I have recently found out that the Lawyer has a similar previous complaint and was forced to give back the clients money.

Finding out people’s secrets

After nearly 40 years as a crime investigator in various roles I have just completed an (expensive) course which assists me to find lots of information about people that they think is confidential.

Are we at war in England?

Following the murder of Soldier Rigby and the recent conviction of the two men who tried to cut his head off in front of a crowd of shoppers in London, one of the men’s Brothers would not denounce the murderers and said ‘we are at war with you in England and they killed a soldier so this is fair’.


A shop has opened in a Town close to me that is selling ‘legal highs’ and drug making paraphernalia. This is the 19th. branch opened by these people despite their so called legal highs recently killing a teenager.


At this time of year car thefts rocket. Thieves need their Christmas money for holidays and their lovely little children’s pressys.

Angry, Upset, Frightened and Scared

A woman from Kent has written a letter to a prisoner who burgled her house telling him how his actions have ruined her life she used the words above. These scum never think about  this side of their crimes. Luckily I have never been burgled but have met many such victims, some even have to sell their houses because they can’t face going back inside. They do read out victims statements before sentencing such people but these are normally ignored because of the sentencing guidelines and emotive speeches by defence counsel.

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