About Us

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We are an Internationally recognised security company with over 30 years of experience, that deal with any and all of your investigative and security needs. We are able to deliver fully qualified professionals with an established reputation to meet specific intelligence and security criteria.

We investgate stock losses in warehouses, suspected fraudulent practices and any other commerecial security concerns. Suspected infidelity can be sensitivily investgated together with any other private secuity issues. Our service is wholly confidential providing a service that you can confidently trust, contact Apical Security now for free independant advice.

The head of the Company is an ex Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector with vast experience in solving Major and 'Divisional Crime' and in particular surveillance tactics.

Apical Security is a full member of the Association Of British Investigators the only such organisation recognised by the Law Society. This large group of companies and individuals has limitless experience which can be drawn upon by fellow members.

Here at Apical Security, we offer both National and International services and we pride ourselves on our rate of success and our discretion. The delivery of cutting edge surveillance solutions is at the core of our mission to protect and secure. You can trust us to keep your requirements confidential and to put your needs first.

Our team are made up of individuals from varying backgrounds to ensure that we can provide the right skills and abilities to meet your needs. Each member of our team is fully trained and qualified with experience ranging from extensive service with the Metropolitan Police to the Civil Aviation Authority. These skills and understanding all play a role in ensuring that the overall fidelity of the task at hand remains resolute and that the best outcome is achieved.

We are able to travel when required, with availability throughout the year. We respect that certain tasks may require a stricter confidentiality and secrecy and are fully equipped to handle these instances. Our friendly and professional approach means that we are able to communicate well to ensure complete understanding whilst being able to manage varying requirements in a secure and positive manner. Whether you require GPS vehicle tracking all the way to voice recognition, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve to the highest standards imaginable.

 For any further information, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to respond to your enquiries.

please contact us for a free security consultation